Hello world…?

Decided to give the merryfull.com website an overhaul. Its been a while and the content on the site is/was basically photography. Still love the photography but its not where I am personally – Most of it will move to Insta (https://www.instagram.com/mmerryfull/) where it will probably be seen more anyway.

I’ve been busy shaping the identity of the emergent middle east these past few years on the NEOM project amongst other things and I’ve met some amazing people along the way, discovered a whole other side to myself and dug deeper and pushed harder to greater heights. Its been a challenge, both professionally and personally but I’ve been afforded an opportunity few people will ever experience in the process.

It’s time to take stock of all the projects that I’ve left uncompleted, giving Neon Light the branding love it deserves and beginning to flesh out new ideas my wife Rebecca and I exploring now that our children are transitioning to school

More to come soon.